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The best

My sales rep was great


Dealing with this supplier was an absolute pleasure, from the first point of contact through to the delivery, the experience was completely hassle free, shipping and other communications was clear and to time. Couldn’t ask for a better experience

RM-4 is good

Good product, great team, no worries.

Every Party Needs This!

Can't stop booking events. My RM -4 is the life of the party. Enjoy it while it's hot!


Miami loves this product. So glad to introduce it to my down. We need more people in the worth like the Shot Clicks team. Have also referred others to their business.


This product absolute lights up the room. Hope to purchase another down the road. Appreciate you all!

Round 35" Automatic 360 Photo Booth RA-6 Premium Bundle
Kelvin Lee

This product is superior to all other booths. It shut down my last party!

Top Notch

Top notch product, top notch staff. 5 Stars!

Amazing Product

I bought the RA-6 a few months ago and purely love this product. Jay has been great with the financing help and accessories. Will definitely purchase again


1,2,3 let's make a toast for Shotclicks. Thx for my new side hustle. Nothing beats it..


Jay and Pat were definitely generous with my 2nd purchase of the OM-5. They threw in a money gun and free vinyl platform. Kudos to the team

Straight Up

These group of guys are like a 2nd family. From every step of the way, they made the process very easy. Love them

Worth it

The OM-5 Is worth every Penny (no pun intended)!

What an asset

I love the unlimited support from Shotclicks ( Chris, Especially). You're not just buying a product from this company, but a long lasting friendship/advisor. They really care about the success of your company. Now can you guys do my taxes Sent from my iPhone

360 infinite

wanted to thank Mike for being honest and supportive. He convinced me out of an Infinite 360 ( since I was starting off slow) and to build up to one, once I was ready. 8 months into it, I've quit my job, running my own company, made more money than I've ever made and guess what's on the way.... ♾thanks again for everything Mike

Support is key

I can't wait til a full 12 months. So far: RA 6, 3 months, 20 events 5 figures in revenue + and Shotclicks support. Thanks Jay!

4 months in

4 Months, RA-6 Automatic, 40 events, 5 figures, LFG!!

Client favorite

all you need is the OM5. You can place it ANYHWERE. It's very convenient to set up, I can place it anywhere my clients want ( because I don't have to deal with electrical outlets) and profits are the same. Trust. "

Pat Pat Pat

I wanted to thank the guys from Shotclicks. I primarily deal with Pat, but everyone seems to be so supportive and excited for my business. I love the product, support and info so far. It's only been a month, but I'm sure I'll come back to post my success soon! Watch out people!!


Shotclickzzzzzzz has really gone above and beyond! A+ support! Don't you guys have lives!!!??? Jk ;)


2 OM5s, 10 months, 50+ events, almost 6 figures. Seems to be the trending descriptions/ratings on Shotclicks site. So, take that people! And thanks again for everything Pat. Hope your wife doesn't mind all the phone calls. Lol

360 to Infinity!

I know I know, it's more expensive. But if you're as serious as I am about my business, you want the best. The Infitnite 360 is IT. Every event I've gone to leaves people mesmerized. And the referrals ive received from those events was due to my Infinite 360. I've made money back months ago and with the additional referrals I've received, I will easily break 150k this year! Btw, Jay is the best. Deal with him and no one else!

OM-5 love it!

Don't need an auto or the extra bucks. OM-5 does it all and I've been a proud owner for over 6 months. Going to order a 2nd OM-5 soon! Thanks again for everything Pat.. now how about a discount???? Lol

Easy to use

OM5! OM5! OM5! My clients love this 360 and I recently did an event in an event in the middle of a football field with no outlets, no plugs and no restrictions. Set up is so easy. Thanks Shotclicks!!!


I was able to fit 3 people on my OM5, comfortably. I've had it for over 4 months and I love the fact that I can use it anywhere. Thanks for the recommendation Chris!